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Railing Run Inputs

For each railing run please input the railing run height and length to the nearest 0.1cm (nearest mm). Accuracy in measuring railing runs is important. Ensure your measure is level and ensure you follow the guidelines in the “How to measure information section”.

Measures that are no accurate can cause the wrong railing panel widths to be made and require costly amendments that can be avoided.” If your railing runs are not on even ground then the ground ideally should be levelled first.

If the railing run is on a stepped surface eg a wall that steps down on different layers OR the railing run is on a slope then these options will need Stepped or Raked railings. Also perhaps a railing run needs some bespoke section to cater for an obstruction.

All such railing runs with obsrtructions or a need for stepped or raked railing design needs special attention so please call for an estimate and to provide the exact details.”.