How to measure - Simplified version – Bespoke Gates And Railings

How to measure - Simplified version

Width Meaurements:

If you have any doubts about measuring the gap where you wish your railings and or gate to be positioned then ask a builder to do an accurate measrement for you.

Please be as accurate as you can in measuring the gaps you wish us to provide railings and gates for. Steel railings are not forgiving and there is little room for adjustment if the measurements you provide to us are wrong.

Whether the gap you wish to fill is 2 metres to 20 metres please provide measurement of the gap to us to the nearest milimetre (mm).

For shorter gaps we recommend you provide three measures, for example between 2 posts.

If the gap is a long distance then one measure will be sufficient. It is best to do all measures with one person holding each end of the measure tape.

Take your tape measure and ensure it is level along its length and not kinked or buckled in any way.If bushes or other obstructions are in the way and force you to curve the measure around them that will not be good enough, this will not provide an accurate measure. The measure tape must be straight and do not guess to make up for any instance where the measure cannot be held straight.

Provide the nearest mm measure, being "close enough" is not a good measure and may cause your railings to not fit the gap being either too long or too short and there is little play in adjusting the railings to fit. Some good careful time on this measure is your part to ensuring you will be satisfied.


WARNING ! - The client must not use a cloth or plastic measure device or any other device other than a metal tape measure or  other accurate measuring device. Plastic and cloth material measures are used for short or for rough not accurate measures as the measure can stretch and therefore provide an inaccurate measure that can be inaccurate to many cm's over a longer distance and can make the installation of your steel structures compromised or even impossible.


Height Measurements:

Be careful to consider the coping (caps on wall posts) as in the image of the two pillars above. The overhang needs to be considered so please measure how far the coping overhangs the area you are measuring.

if you do not wish your railings to be as high as the coping then the coping will not be an issue, however consider any post tops or crooks that you may have requested in a design as they will be higher than your railing and are of course usually fitted to the posts at the ends of your railing run or gate and may cause an issue on installation if they meet with or take the same space as the coping/wall cap or other obstruction.


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