Fixings and Methods – Bespoke Gates And Railings

Fixings and Methods

No Lug Method:

If you do not wish to see the lugs that connect railing panels to posts as in the image below then we can provide you with an alternative solution which is for the panels to be connected by a vertical flat bar which is welded to the top and bottom flat bar/handrail and then the vertical flat bar is then held to the post using counter sunk bolt and Rivet nut sunk into the post. As shown in the images below:


Standard Railing Panel Connection using lugs:



Rivet Nut Method:




Locking Drop Bolts:

To secure gates closed and/or open we can provide lockable drop bolts. When the drop bolt is in the down position there is an eye (hole) on the bolt that rests on a lug with an eye so that a padlock can be threaded through both eyes to secure the drop bolt in the down position. See images below:

Self Closers:

For small to medium sized gates where you wish the gate to automatically close we provide a range of optional self closers for installation with our gates which vary according to the gate leaft width size and the gates weight.
The self close mechanism can be adjusted manually on site by the installer and user to adjust the closing speed and the final snap speed which ensures the lactch of your lock will go over the catch to secure the gate closed.
The self closers are available in black or grey.
See Video below:
(This is largely an install video - but scroll to two minutes and you will see how it works).