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“Please ensure that you are careful in making your selections for the Post options. The number of posts is critical to the size of your panels and pricing. If the post selections are wrong then you will find your panels are either too big or too small, which will mean that one of your panels or all panels will need to be remade.”

Posts may be either 4,5,6,7,8 cms square each. The selection will have an impact on your railing panel width sizes and costs but also will impact on the look and feel of your railings. Too thick and the railings can look too small.

We find that 40mm2 is best for shorter gates and railings and 50mm2 is best for tall railings and tall gates. You may go for the extra size to give a feeling of more security or if you simply have a preference for thicker posts to enable a larger post with a larger base size to be added, so that the base of a post cap does not go over the post top width.

If you are having a gate in a run of railings, then remember to not account for the posts that connect to the gate twice. Either allow for the gate posts with the gate OR allow for the left post with the railings to the left of the gate and the right post of the gate to be allocated to the right side of the gate set of railings.

If you accidentally account for the gate posts twice then all measures will be inaccurate for your gates and railings. This would require either a new replacement adjusted smaller sized railing panels or require a smaller new replacement gate to be made. Which is a costly mistake well recommended to be avoided by taking some time to ensure you are careful with your measures and information input. If you are not sure, please call us.

Intermediary Posts

An Intermediary post is a post that is not an end post. So a railing run of say 3 panels will have 2 intermediary posts as in the diagram below:

Your posts may be selected as above or below ground. This will impact on price but your selection will mainly be determined by the type of ground/base upon which the railings are to be fitted. The type of post option does not affect the railing panel size or railing panel cost.