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Glastonbury - Style 9 - Metal railings - knotted

£18.37 per ft2

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Price includes - finishing with black paint. (For galvanising or powder coating please call).

Price includes - posts, post tops, railheads, panels, fittings and locks as shown in the main style image.

Another favourite railing style !

Quirky knotted 12mm bar iron railings.

Attractive, good value as well as a good discussion point with the neighbours.

These are available in different styles as shown in the images below and also available as either 12mm or 16mm round bar.

Please note - the photo image shown of the railing bars shows a different style of these bars, the bars are not the same as the ones we provide. This is shown to give an idea of similar bars. The 3D drawings are also not an exact replica of the actual bars, please therefore ensure you are happy with the 4 bars shown in the image where the 4 types of bar available are labelled as these are the bars that we use.

Make your own assumption why we named this style Glastonbury with its whacky modern and unusual style of knotted and warped railing bars.

This does however make for an interesting and very attractive alternative railing option that may suit your style and would make any home instantly more interesting.

All rails are welded completely, no partial welding, we ensure a complete professional weld for strong and attractive finish.

We tailor make our gates and railings to the size you request them and adjust the design if required to meet your needs.

Top flat bar is a handrail for a more appealing feel.

Please let us know if you need to conform to the 100mm gap requirement between railings for regulation purposes, if so we can put the rail bars closer together but this will require more railing bars per railing panel.

There is a gate to specifically match this style:

Glastonbury Gate, Style 10



Any combination of panels, decorative bars and rail heads  can be used to make this railing exactly how you want it to be from our range of add on items.

This style can also be modified to suit your size requirements, needs or style.

Please visit the "Rail Head & Add Ons" section where you can view our optional; rail heads, post tops and decorative panels.

Custom built to your size & style

Change rail heads, decorative panels and post tops.

Click below to see our various options:

This section has nothing to do with the measurements you may input. The measurements here are those for the actual image shown in the image display area so you can get an idea of the designs relative perspective
(Naturally we make all our gates and railings to your exact size requirements and if necessary modify the design to suit your size):

  • 12mm decorative round rail bars.
  • Gaps between railing bars up to 100mm.
  • Width of railing panel from left outside edge to right outside edge: 1,900mm
  • Width of railing panel and half of each outer edge of posts: 1,940mm
  • Gap to ground from lower side of lower flat: 50mm
  • Gate height from ground to the top of highest rail head: circa 1,250mm

  • Optional posts are 40mm2 or other sizes available.
  • Decorative hammered lower flat bar.